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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend



Well, what can I say… The time away was amazing! We went away, just the two of us for a few days…  No expense was spared by Bf.  I normally tend to like to pay my own way, and split costs for dates and social outings (I was always brought up to pay my own way) but Bf pretty much point blank refused to allow me to put my hand in my pocket at all this time! It was really nice for a change though. 

It was also lovely to actually sit with Bf in the cabin of the plane, and have company for the duration of the flight too for a change!  We managed to get an upgrade going out, but unfortunately there was no chance coming home, as the plane was chock full.

We spent the whole time away sight-seeing, holding hands, eating amazing food, and we even managed to squeeze in a helicopter pleasure flight for sightseeing too! Only a handful of us went up; and the heli-charter company offered out the chance for one passenger to sit next to the pilot as a special treat… Nobody was aware of what bf does for a living. I am in no doubt that he would have been interested to sit in the front and look at all the instrumentation. However, we had already decided that we really wanted to sit together to take in the views; and I smiled inwardly as the girl who had ‘won’ smugly walked to the front of the helicopter and sat next to the pilot (who looked not dissimilar to Homer Simpson-mmmmm nice).

It was so great to hold hands and just be a couple without a stroller in the way. That is one thing that you really take for granted before children come along, and it never hits you until you’ve already ‘lost’ the privilege! So we made the most of it 🙂 We even rented bicycles and went for a bike ride together.

I feel rejuvinated by the time away, and our relationship was given a fresh injection of romance and energy, which is always welcome!

I would have loved a bit longer to enjoy the time-out, but it was lovely to come home and see the children. It’s just the ‘returning to work’ bit that’s less appealing! Still, with a bit of luck, we’ll be going away to the Caribbean in June (if the loads aren’t too heavy-I’ll be travelling standby (what we call non-rev in the United Kingdom) with baby).


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  1. thats really coooool….. you spend more time with your bf….god bless you..:)

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