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Feel Good Factor

You may have noticed a few new blogs in my blogroll section (non aviation)… After my little negative mood slump recently, I decided to lift my own spirits. Positive thinking and all that.

Personally, for me, nothing beats the mood lift of pounding myself into a sweaty mess at the gym! I come out feeling so happy and bouncy! At first after I had baby, I was miserable. I was in a mental state where I had convinced myself that all the air hostesses Bf worked with would be so much better looking than me that he wouldn’t be able to help himself but stray!

I literally had to drag myself to the gym against my own will, because I was in a cycle of negativity that was completely self defeating.  In the end I HAD to do something about it, or I would probably have ended up depressed! Bf was pretty good at ‘bullying’ me into it too… I used to set targets for the days I wanted to go to the gym that week on a Monday; and if I was slacking off the idea, he’d tell me how rubbish I’d feel if I didn’t.  Some days, I’d go there, feeling really grumpy, but I’d always come out feeling like the world was a better place, and realising that my ‘problems’ didn’t actually seem worth worrying about!

Bf also paid for me to join an on line diet plan that was designed for breastfeeding mothers, and helped keep me focused on my goal, by supporting me and telling me if he noticed a difference.

I really appreciated his support. I think sometimes our partners beat around the bush saying ‘the right thing’ or just tell us what they think we want to hear for an easy life. But he knew how important it was for me and my own self esteem to get back into shape, not only to look good, but to feel healthy and full of energy.

I found that booking Personal Trainer sessions really helped too. Bf paid for my first one, and I booked a further course of PT sessions myself after that one because the results were so dramatic! I will literally ache for a few days after I see her! I can really understand why people can get addicted to going to the gym, with the way you feel when you come out. You just can’t beat it.

I am very happy with myself and the way I look at the moment, and I don’t worry about the whole hostie thing. Going to the gym hasn’t just helped me to look the way I want to again, it has changed my whole frame of mind and boosted my self-esteem. They say that exercise pumps happy endorphins around the brain, promoting a sense of well being-which I have certainly found to be true!

I have just had a personal training session this morning, and I feel absolutely fantastic! I feel ready to tackle anything! Of course this time tomorrow, I’ll probably be walking around like a crippled old lady-paying the price, but hey, ‘no pain, no gain’ as they say! 😉


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