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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

It’s okay! I have a spare!

Things have been great in my relationship with Bf recently. Really great. Bf is being really loving and attentive. We’ve really enjoyed his time off work.

Also, I felt pretty ill this last week, and Bf has really looked after me: making me meals, going to the pharmacy, offering me drinks, he’s even been getting up early on his days off to do the school run so that I can have a ‘lie in’!

The other day, he came home with a Star Bar for me, which might sound like nothing, but it meant that he was thinking about me-which I always appreciate. FYI-Star Bars are a new chocolate bar that Cadbury has launched, and I am completely addicted to them!

We’re going away on Thursday for the Bank Holiday weekend. My mum is coming to help out with the boys (since they have school), and Bf’s parents will have baby. So it’s just the two of us for a romantic break! I can’t wait! I’m SO EXCITED!

It’s not a work trip either, so I will actually get his company during the flight for a change too! Which will be great-even if the whole trip IS spent with him telling me about every flap angle adjustment and technical occurrence!

…Actually, far from being bored by his technical dialogue, I always feel especially proud of him when we fly. I find it quite reassuring to travel with a pilot too… Like I’m carrying my own spare if something happens to the one flying! Haha…


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