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Aviation News-Boring or Interesting?

Okay, this is actually getting a little tiresome now… I got a blog review in from someone who claimed to have read my last blog entry (though if she had, she didn’t take it all in).  Here’s what she wrote:

I think it’s funny that you have enabled people to leave comments about your blog, and expect only positive comments. Someone offered some constructive criticism about there being too much aviation news. We aren’t pilots, and quite frankly, I don’t read this blog to hear about oil prices etc!! I am married to a pilot and my life is aviation! I read your blog to see how another woman copes with being married to a pilot (I know you aren’t married to your pilot, I presume this is out of choice as you have 3 kids together!! So you live as man and wife, what’s a piece of paper and an expensive ceremony anyway!!) I don’t need to read the ‘boring’ stuff, I get it round the dinner table every night!!

So let me clear it up… I CAN handle negative feedback. I actually had a really hateful comment left for me by one man that I won’t name (as I’m sure it would actually please him. (He’s totally weird just for the record)). I can deal with this because when someone is SO negative, I just know that in real life I would never see eye-to-eye with them any way, so why should I be bothered about their comments…

However, the reason the previous review bothered me before, was because the previous reviewer WAS in my opinion trying to be quite constructive with her written review. She actually did say some nice things… The only criticism she appeared to have was on ‘aviation news’ posts that made up less than 19% of my entries; yet she chose to give it a numeric rating that in my opinion was contradictory to her own written review and comments!

Also, just for the record, the price of oil has been mentioned a sum total of maybe 4 times in this blog.  I would imagine that if you are married to a pilot, you probably should care about what is happening with prices of aviation fuel at the moment, because it is affecting the job security of a great number of people within the aviation industry at this time!

I am sure that if the lady in question’s pilot was facing redundancy because of it; then the price of oil would be a whole lot more interesting and relevant to her? Just a thought. I don’t think any less of this lady for not being interested in it, but I am surprised that she is critical of me for being interested and suggests that I should not pass comment about it. There are rumours that redundancies are on the cards for some pilots at Bf’s airline in the near future, so maybe this will at least give her/them a better empathy for why I might be more focused on the industry than she/they obviously are right now.

Oh, and by the way, I may alientate these readers by saying this (though that is not my intention); but I shall continue to post aviation news stories that interest me in this blog-since it is my blog after all. I happen to enjoy reading it myself, and I happen to like keeping it all in one place where I can look back at it. If you are so bored by aviation news and current affairs that it offends you to see it on my blog, then I suggest that my blog may not be right for you.

I also wonder how you can possibly appear interested around the dinner table with your man, when he discusses it with you. I am interested in these issues precisely because I am with a pilot-they could well affect my life!

By the way, I just wanted to say thank you to those of you who did submit comments and reviews. Believe it or not I do appreciate constructive criticism as well as positive comments.  


2 Responses to “Aviation News-Boring or Interesting?”

  1. Rock it, girl! I wouldn’t worry too much about people’s thoughts of your blog. Its YOUR blog. I think of my website as my online journal. Its for me. I post things so I can look back and see what was happening when. It so happens to be public, just like yours. People can choose to visit, and revisit, based on content. If someone doesn’t like what they see, I’ll be damned if I’m going to change it for them. The blog/website is for me first and foremost. Now, if they have a suggestion that is worthwhile, I’ll consider it, but major changes will more than likely never surface as a result of criticism.
    Keep it up! I like what I see here … even the av news!!

  2. Aviation news is interesting….keep it

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