Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Flight Delays

I hate flight delays.

Bf was called out to do a flight today. He got overtime for it, which was great; except that he was due back an hour ago. I have just checked live arrivals and he is delayed by at least an hour. But now I’m hacked off that he didn’t text me to tell me. It doesn’t take 2 minutes to send a quick text, but instead, I am up at 2am booting up my pc checking flight times online because I was awake wondering where he had got to…

On an entirely different note, a friend of mine is going through a tough time at the moment; her pilot and her have just decided to take a break to process where they are in their relationship… I really hope it all works out for them; as I know it’s what she wants.

He has accused her of being too demanding on their relationship, but of course, she thinks he isn’t committed enough. I have to say from experience, that most pilots do seem to be very shy of committing to their partners. Marriage seems to be a taboo subject for aviators!

Fingers crossed it all works out for them.


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