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I guess I always knew that there would be people out there who would like this blog, and people out there who would not.  I was prepared for polarised views. I always enjoy listening to the positive feedback and comments, and I can take the bad stuff, because I know that these people are just different. I can also just dismiss that stuff in my head because I know that I probably wouldn’t like these people and therefore I should not be bothered by their comments any way.

However. I never prepared myself for blase the reactions of those sitting on the fence. I never even imagined these people would bother to take the effort to let their feelings be known! I received an email saying that I had received a blog review. Intrigued to see what this person had thought to write about my blog. Here is what she wrote:

Im half in half about this blog. i find the stuff about the author’s personal life interesting and touching, but all the news stuff seems a bit pointless. I just think it’s interesting if she has something in particular to say, but its boring if she just puts it there without much of a point to make. More about your life, please, and less fillers instead. Just my view, of course!

I was completely confused. I was pleased that she appears to find me interesting on a personal level; but surprised that she didn’t understand why aviation news was of interest to me, and why she thought it boring for me to insert the stories that interest me into my blog. I generally tend to add comments and personal thoughts on these posts to the news, unless I feel that I can add nothing more to the news than the journalist has done already.

I started to insert some of these stories into my blog because a few readers had sent me private messages asking me if I had heard any interesting news recently. I thought, well, I may as well add these in if the people who read my blog are as interested as I am to hear about these things.

I have only ever added these news stories as an ‘extra’ to my blog… If they weren’t there, there would simply be less blog entries, not more personal ones; because the news was never intended to replace my personal diary entries.  Out of the 110 or so blog entries, only 20 are related to aviation news any way! Also, since I clearly categorise my blog entries; I figured that anyone disinterested in ‘aviation news’ entries would simply ignore these postings.  They were never intended as ‘fillers’; since I don’t feel a need to write entries for the sake of it. I thought that since these items of news are meaningful and valued to me, I just figured, why not put them all in one place in my aviation life blog-readers will likely find them of interest too!

I guess I was wrong?

What I found confusing, (and felt somewhat put out by if I am honest) is that despite taking the time out of her day to read my blog and write a review about it saying some nice things about personal things I had written, she rated my blog over all as ‘below average’.

She’s taken time to write something, that in her opinion was constructive, and then given the review an arbitrary score of 4.9 ‘Below average’

I know I shouldn’t let things like this get to me, and ordinarily I wouldn’t-but for some reason this has bothered me!  I’m supposed to be working now, and instead I am venting!  I’m sure people write these things forgetting that there is a real person behind every blog pouring their heart and soul onto these pages for everyone to read and judge. It is quite a brave thing to do, because diaries are traditionally private, but she’s condemning my entire blog because she is bored by news.

Even now, I am thinking to myself, maybe I shouldn’t wear my heart on my sleeve and be so open about the fact that this has frustrated me at all, but  I have never been one to shy from being honest…. I always intended this blog to be open and candid, and if people want to judge me for that-so be it. 

Here I am, Judge me.



One Response to “Blog Reviews”

  1. I agree that the news is important. What happens in the industry always has an effect on what happens in the individual airlines and that in turn effects our own lives. But some people choose not to watch the industry to forcast what may happen on a smaller scale to them. Crews falling asleep in the cockpit is going to cause some reactionary new rule that will directly effect our pilots lives.

    And it is hard to put your own personal feelings out there on the line as well. It’s sometimes just as akward not having any comments and wondering if you’ve just alienated your entire readership. Keep up the good work!

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