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Fun in the Sun

Well, thought I’d write a quick entry. Things are pretty good here… Baby is much better, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL this week-and we have made the most of it. We took baby to a local farm yesterday to see the animals (she adores animals already) and to get a locally produced ice cream. It was so nice that we decided to go again today. Only this time we cycled there and had lunch in the tea rooms too.

My interview with the agency went well the other day, and they have taken me on; though to be honest, I am not keen on their ‘bread and butter work’ (which I would need to do some of in order to secure the more fun stuff)…  I’m sure that the single (and I say this through gritted teeth ‘younger’) girls would love this type of work, and may even think it quite glam; but neither I nor Bf are particularly keen on the idea of the ‘uniform’ they have in mind… So that my have been a complete waste of time to be honest.

Bf is ‘off’ this week and most of next, how he managed this in the busy start to the short-haul summer season is somewhat of a mystery, especially as he has leave coming up-but we won’t complain!  He is on call for some days though, so perhaps he’ll end up with a few flights.  We are making the most of our family time out together.  We are hoping to get to the beach this weekend (fingers crossed that this beautiful weather holds out).

Well, I really will have to log off now… I have so much work to do, and simply not enough hours to do it in!


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