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Dressing up

Okay, just thought I’d share this… Some time ago, whilst googling various aviation/pilot related things, I happened upon a ‘mile high captain’ costume… I ordered it as a surprise for Bf, thinking it might be fun.  Apart from the obvious lack of 2 more stripes, it looked quite good in the picture, and was not terribly expensive, so I thought ‘why not?’  It was the sort of thing that wouldn’t look out of place on a themed hen night.

I had almost forgotten that I’d ordered it by the time it arrived… I opened the pack and took it out…

I put it on, and was pleasantly surprised that it was a nice fit, and looked pretty… The hat however, was another story. It was made of plastic and cheap man made materials. It was packed flat for mailing, and was squashed completely out of shape. I put it on, and it slipped right down over my face… I took it off for a closer inspection, to find to my great amusement that it had a popper adjustment like the one you’d find on a really cheap, naff baseball cap…

I adjusted it, but it still looked completely ridiculous! I considered running the iron over the interior, but decided that Bf would probably find it much more amusing if I didn’t bother! I sauntered into the living room wearing it, but could hardly keep a straight face.

Bf dissolved into fits of laughter-well, I looked quite ridiculous!  After 10 minutes spent giggling at me, I demanded that he try on the hat too, and popped open the adjuster for him to another eruption of giggles as we imagined the looks he would get if he turned up for work with it!

I spent the next 10 minutes being very authoritative, in my ridiculous outfit, which he found highly amusing! 

I love that Bf and I can have a giggle at our own expense. The memory is now parked firmly in my fond memories bank-for a rainy day.  I don’t think it had quite the desired effect on my man, that the designer had intended; but it certainly provided us with some smiles, and I’m sure it will tickle him thinking about it at some random point in the future… 🙂



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