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Much needed and very welcome little confidence boost :)

Okay, so maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis early…  Learning that Bf had been proud enough to tell his friend about my old promo modelling job a couple of weeks ago; I re-applied to a few agencies for work of the same nature.

The only one that thought to ask for my DOB rejected me-thanks guys-RRRREALLY not helping my funk here!

However, a couple requested photo updates, which freaked me out a little as I dont have any recent professional shots… Meaning I’d have to submit my own snap shots… Oh well, in for a penny-in for a pound… So I sent a few off, fully expecting to hear nothing back.

I guess I was wrong, because guess what?

I just got one acceptance from an agency I already worked with (though we’ll see if any work ACTUALLY materialises). And another agency that do really high profile party events have called me to go see them on Monday. So it’s a trip all the way into the big city for me! It is a lovely boost to my confidence after the way I’ve been feeling for the past week or so, but


Now I need to try and sleep off these bags under my eyes, make the gym my second home intensively for 3 days AND get rid of the huge spot on my nose before Monday… Plus, WHAT the hell am I going to wear!?!?!?!?


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