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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Pilot home=We Time (no pun intended!)

So… Bf got home today from his trip. I cooked a beautiful full roast with all the trimmings for us.

I was pretty shattered after the weekend; and asked Bf if he’d mind if I took a moment for some ‘me-time’ (a nice relaxing, candle-lit, bubble bath with a glass of wine, a copy of Cosmo and some chocolate-aeroplane mars bar (pressurised/de-pressurised several times-yummy)).

He was fine about it. So up I went… I was just starting to chill out, when; the light flicked on, the shower curtain was yanked across to block my view of the bathroom, and he announced that he needed to ‘take a leak’. It was like an all out assault on the ambiance I had created for myself! …Put out, I asked him if he could have avoided turning on the light-to which he answered ‘yes, if I wanted him to miss the bowl?’ …I did not.

He proceeded, with what sounded like at least a full transatlantic bladder’s worth, before zipping up, yanking back the curtain and asking if I wanted company?

Hmm, let me ponder on that one-romantic one…

That is why my darling, I don’t mind being alone for the time you are away. So I can enjoy pampering myself with a bath! 😉


2 Responses to “Pilot home=We Time (no pun intended!)”

  1. Wow…that sounds like exactly what my husband would do! I know exactly about that unbelievably full bladder thing too…he’ll say “I’ve been holding that since Rochester” or something ridiculous.

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