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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Pilot Away=Me Time

Bf’s meaway again for the weekend. He’s off on another long-haul trip to the West Coast of the States again, and will have less than 24 hours rest prior to his long flight home… I do hope he can get more rest than he did last time. Meanwhile, I am home with the rugrats.

I am catching up with one of my best girl friends tomorrow. She is going to be one of Baby’s godmother’s when we EVENTUALLY get around to Christening her. Then on sunday; I am catching up with another girl friend who had her baby around about the same time as we did a year ago… She has just been through a horrible break up with her loser ex-husband.

Then after that I will buzz down to where I used to live with the sproglets to catch up with my brother and mum…

That is the one great thing about being the significant other of a pilot… Whilst he is away working-I can make a decent amount of quality time to catch up with friends and family without feeling like I am a crappy girlfriend.

I do feel like a lot of my friends who are married or loved-up, come only as a package-you either get both of them or not at all.  This is fine, but I do feel that it’s important to have your own identity too. I love the freedom that I enjoy to do things that I know Bf would rather avoid.

This is a list of my favourite things do do whilst my pilot is away:

  • Surf the web without guilt  
  • Watch crap on the television
  • Stretch out in the double bed
  • Have a clean house; devoid of half full/empty suitcases
  • Enjoy a shamelessly self-indulgent, long bath
  • Not have to cook/eat a huge meal
  • Catch up with girl friends
  • Go to bed when I like
  • Get up when I like
  • Work without distractions
  • ‘Forget’ to put makeup on
  • Go clothes shopping
  • Talk on the phone at length without him rolling his eyes at me…

These are just a few. Sometimes it’s a blessing to have the me-time. I have been a little bit cranky for the past few days-like I’ve been suffocated. I would seriously miss my time out if he were home all the time! 


2 Responses to “Pilot Away=Me Time”

  1. Surf the web without guilt — CHECK
    Watch crap on the television — CHECK
    Stretch out in the double bed — CHECK

    Those definitely appear top 3 on my list, too!

  2. Hahaha! I was abt to do the same thing that shelley did. N’way feel really blessed seriously of getting time to myself. But I don’t know about u, I work when he’s .around & my off days are when he’s away…

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