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Sim time of year again

It’s that time of the year again-Bf is doing his emergency procedures tests in the sim. He was quite unbearable in the car on the way to dropping him off…

He had thought his sim was in the afternoon, but they changed it to first thing-and he only found out with 30 minutes to spare! Nobody from crewing had thought to ring him and mention it; so it was pure luck that I asked him to check times!

He had to throw his clothes on, wolf down his breakfast and miss out on his last morning of revision.

He can’t bear not to be well organised for something so important, and was in a black mood on the way as he’d been thrown off balance by the news.

He has been especially keen to make a good impression on the training captain for this sim check; as he feels that a wrong move would be more likely to give the airline a reason to lose pilots at a time when they may be considering streamlining operations.

Thankfully he performed very well despite the stress… Now he just has to do the same tomorrow and he’s ticked the box for another 6 months!

Tomorrow night will be good-I’ll get the man I love back to normal instead of the pilot/book worm that I’ve barely seen over the past few days!


2 Responses to “Sim time of year again”

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  2. Hey,
    I’m sure he gets through the sim today. Am smiling away reading this entry. Exactly how I hv to go through every 6 month. The tense is not that bad now. He has been flying on the left of the same fleet for like 7 yrs.
    You hv a nice day!

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