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Just had to share!

I just HAD to write something or I would burst!

Bf and I are away this weekend. We’re staying with an old university friend of Bf’s and his fiancé. I’ve only met him once previously; at the surprise birthday party I arranged for Bf last year.

Bf often stays with him when he works out of the airport near to them.

I generally always ask what he talks about with his friends; and I nearly always get vague or sketchy answers back of ‘nothing much’, or my personal favourite: ‘you know, the usual’ (obviously not darling-I don’t know him)! I’m guessing they talk about uni (AKA the good old days) and planes, as his friend is an aerospace engineer.

However, today, as we were driving around, we saw a picture of a formula 1 racing car; at which point I notice it’s from the team I used to work for…

To fill you in… Back in my student days, and for a while afterwards; I did some promotional modelling work. A lot of the jobs for cosmetic companies were dead boring, but a few of the jobs were great fun… I used to do party drink promo nights at various clubs… I worked for (a no longer existent) music tv channel as a promo girl/dancer at their sponsored events… And I also worked for a formula 1 team and their linked word Superbikes team both at corporate level and events like the Grand Prix-It all felt quite exciting and glamorous!

Any way, Bf knows I did it, but never passed much comment about it. I always feel a bit boring, and in his shadow, with his pilot ‘status’.

I only casually stated that it was the team I used to work for; more in passing really… I didn’t mention what I’d done with them… Then, Bf’s friend turned around and said

“Oh yeah didn’t you do some F1 stuff? He was telling me about your pit girl days!”

I almosed choked! I felt totally gob smacked! I never imagined for one second that Bf talked about me much with him, much less *bragged* about me!!! To add to the moment, Bf proudly added:

“and you did the ‘World Superbikes’ too-didn’t you darling?!”

I felt so special! I realised then, that even though he doesn’t always show it-he is very proud of me too! 🙂 😀


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