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Perfect Day with my Pilot & co-pilots!

Today was one of those days that you look back at fondly. We had a very active family day out together-the kind I often imagined that I would share with my future family as a young girl.

I am not sure if it is all pilots, but certainly the majority of the ones that I have met seem to be very health conscious. I guess knowing that you have to face a medical every year helps; but I think pilots in general tend to be people who are conscientious about health regardless of this…

Baby has just turned one and Bf and I just took the kids (all of them) for a bike ride.  Bf towed a ‘bike buggy’ with baby in it from his bike; and I ‘towed’ the younger of the boys on a ‘bike buddy’

Bike Buddy

My oldest followed us on his own bike.  We Must have looked a sight, because everyone seemed to stare, and children even pointed! It was a lovely day out though. We cycled just short of eleven miles (with a fair few hills); which for the boys (and for us actually with all of the extra weight we were pulling) was quite far.

We stopped for lunch at a golf course club house around mid way to refuel the troops, and have just got back now. The sun is still shining; baby has just gone down for a nap, my youngest is playing football on the lawn with his little friends, and my oldest is helping daddy play with his radio controlled helicopter! So I thought I’d get on with some work (but have obviously got side-tracked!)

Life feels very good 😀


4 Responses to “Perfect Day with my Pilot & co-pilots!”

  1. What a sweet day. That is definitely a moment to treasure.

  2. That really is a picture perfect day… do you have a pic of the white picket fence? 😉 Cool bike apparatus for toting the kiddos!

  3. HUGE thanks to partner of a pilot for writing this AMAZING blog!!
    You have made me feel normal (instead of a crazed selfish mad woman) it is such a comfort to know that I am not the only one that has doubts, worries and anxieties from time to time us as SO’s of pilots need to remember the reason we are with them is because we love them and thats why we put up with them lol!! Reading yourt blog has helped me to see what is important and it really is the little things! You come across as a strong woman and an a very loving partner and mummy what a lovely idea with the cards and post it notes (re:things I lie awake thinking about post) PLEASE keep writing!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ahhhhh, thanks for that comment Debs, it is comments like that that encourage me to keep this blog open. On a few occasions, I have had positively hateful ‘track backs’ to my blog posted by other bloggers-slating me for coming accross as insecure. Whilst I respect people who think differently to me-I do not think it is acceptable to make completely unfounded assumptions about someone’s home life.

    The fact is that I am not wonder woman; and as most other human beings do, I have my down days too… I don’t believe in only writing about the good stuff, because denying you have weak moments is tantamount to lying in my eyes!

    However, that said, these comments/track backs still hurt; I think sometimes, some bloggers forget that other bloggers are real people too. I have honestly thought about making the blog private on those days, but then I’ll get a lovely comment like yours that convinces me it’s worth the negative rubbish.

    Well, as I said am not wonder woman, and if someone wants to slate me for that, then I guess I’ll just have to let them!

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