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Blogging in Cyberspace


Blogging is a weird thing. Here I am just writing out my thoughts, experiences and day-to-day randoms, and putting them out there into cyber space for everyone and anyone to read.  When I started I found it hard to imagine that anyone would go out of their way to bother reading what I had to say; I really started writing it because I had always kept a diary, and it seemed like a modern way of doing that.

At first I was a lot more open than I am now about what I had to say, because I guess naively, I assumed that nobody would find it or follow it. I had the option of making it private; but I have to admit I rather liked the idea that someone might enjoy it besides me.

However, over the months, I have watched the hits counter creeping up and up. Today I have over 7,700 hits I have been able to look at which search engines the hits were coming from, and I have received ‘ping-backs’ from other bloggers (not always with agreeable views to mine).

I started to feel more self-conscious, and found myself wondering who was looking at it, and what people actually thought about it. Honestly it made me feel slightly uncomfortable for a while, as though I were being watched by voyeurs.  I considered deleting the blog at one point after a friend deleted hers (for private reasons that I will not disclose out of respect).  It did make me wonder whether I should also consider it too…   However, it was around this time that I started to receive some really positive comments from people telling me that I had been of some comfort to them, and it inspired me to continue writing… I nearly always appreciate the comments I get, and am pleased to know that there are actually people who enjoy reading it. I always make sure to post comments on blogs that I read because of that.

Bf used to say that he didn’t ‘get’ the whole ‘blog thing’. He couldn’t understand why I would want to bother putting it all out there. Funnily enough though, he has been reading a few recently, and has even joked that he may start one himself… Who knows maybe some day he will surprise me and do just that!

I read quite a few blogs and am always quite inspired by the ones who use their real names, family photographs and personal details. I don’t write about anything that I wouldn’t want to put my name to, but I just get a little creeped out that I don’t know who I’m giving my name too I guess. I had a couple of bad experiences online that validated my concerns-so I choose to remain ‘anonymous’.

I recently received an email from a soon-to-be-cadet pilot and was surprised to hear that he regularly logs on to read all my posts (even the non-aviation ones)!  It really surprised me, because, for some reason, I assumed that my only regular readers were other female pilot’s significant others.  I was quite flattered actually! So I guess I am glad that I have continued to keep my blog public. I continue to play with the format of the blog and tweak little sections here and there. I am quite frustrated that I cannot add videos to my blog-I can think of lots I would like to add! Maybe I’ll pop a video links section in the right hand column soon?!


3 Responses to “Blogging in Cyberspace”

  1. yayayay, stay public! I’d be sad to see you leave. As for my real name as my web address, I really wanted to use (spotty is my nickname). But at the time it belonged to some quilting website. And now it appears to be some flash baseball game. Who knew!? I thought long and hard about using my full name, but in the end I went w/ it. I just watch what I put out there ….

  2. Yes, please stay public. I used to read a fantastic blog called ‘The life of a pilots wife’ It was written by a London based lady and was such a support to me. I was so upset when it was taken off line.

  3. Yes stay! I absolutely love your blog…check it all the time and your views are like reading my own thoughts!
    I even have my partner read some stories!

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