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I love my pilot!

Just a quickie. Bf would have been due home today, except for the fact that he arranged an additional night’s stay at the ‘away from base’ airport he landed at to catch up with a very good friend of his from his training cadetship days, who is based there. It seems it was for the best actually, considering that his flight home would have been cancelled due to snow any way.  We really are hopeless here in the UK… One little flurry of snow for a few hours; and the whole country locks down!

Bf and his friend went out to a pub for dinner, and returned home to his lovely wife, slightly merrier than they had left. He promised to ring me ‘later’ to give me his flight details for tomorrow-so that I can pick him up (he only booked it fairly last minute).  At 12:30am I still hadn’t heard from him, so I rang him instead.

He answered, and was very sweet, but quite intoxicated… It seems they were watching TV with a bottle of wine or three, reminiscing about their training days, and had lost track of time. They are now fairly unable to speak coherently; probably aided by the fact that alcohol hits you more quickly when you are suffering the effects of jet-lag.  I feel for his friend’s poor wife. They are as silly as a pair of sheep when they are intoxicated, and she is the one sat there listening to it all.

Silly as a sheep*

I do love my man to bits; but I have to say; this is one night at least that I won’t miss him sharing my bed! 🙂

* By the way, if the picture above amused ‘ewe’ as much as it amuses me *groan* it is a card from a range  called SheepPooPaper TM (the paper it is made from is made from sterilised sheep poo! They also do a range made from reindeer poo too-Hahahahaha)! The company website is here: CreativePaperWales

3 Responses to “I love my pilot!”

  1. OK … that sheep poo paper just *cracks* me up!

  2. Me too!!! I bought several cards from them. I just love the thought of people’s reaction to knowing they just opened a card made of poo! The pictures are all quite funny too. I also wont feel bad if they accuse me of sending them crap for their birthday! Haha

  3. […] and my personal favourite: “Sheep Love” – I kid you not. I once wrote an entry where I mentioned a card company who make their products from SheepPooPaper. Never did I seriously […]

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