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I need more hours in the day!

I feel like there isn’t enough of me to go around at the moment! I am writing this from my phone in bed because I can’t sleep!

My dad at 62 years of age, has just found himself without work for the first time in his life. He pretty much always owned his own successful business, but sold it to ‘retire’ to France. The thing is, he is highly skilled and kept getting contracts and short term consultancy offers; which he kept taking.

He has since come to rely on this money, and now he is lost! Being the ‘resident’ recruitment experience of the family; my services were called upon to write his first ever CV and help him with the whole recruitment process.

I think that in the past week, l must have worked over 6 hours on it all!

Add to the equation: a job to work, 3 children to care for, Bf to spend time with, meals and general housework to do… I feel completely stretched beyond capacity!

It is now almost midnight, and I have to be ready to leave at 6:15am to take Bf to the airport (to fly to Greece). My mind is buzzing with all the stuff I have to get done though, so I can’t sleep!

I wish I could have a few more hours in the day!


One Response to “I need more hours in the day!”

  1. Hi, I have read your blog for some time now and firstly wish to thank you for taking the time out to maintain it, I for one really do enjoy reading it. I am still at school and it is my aim and ambition to become a commercial pilot. I intend to commence training when I leave in around a years time. I have been looking to apply to a scheme in New Zealand and would be interested to know how your parner found it training abroad? Thank you, kindest regards.

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