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Pilot home=We Time (no pun intended!)

April 27, 2008

So… Bf got home today from his trip. I cooked a beautiful full roast with all the trimmings for us. I was pretty shattered after the weekend; and asked Bf if he’d mind if I took a moment for some ‘me-time’ (a nice relaxing, candle-lit, bubble bath with a glass of wine, a copy of […]

Pilot Away=Me Time

April 25, 2008

Bf’s meaway again for the weekend. He’s off on another long-haul trip to the West Coast of the States again, and will have less than 24 hours rest prior to his long flight home… I do hope he can get more rest than he did last time. Meanwhile, I am home with the rugrats. I […]

Okay, Thoughts Please? I am all for improved security, but how would you like to be strip searched on camera by airport security?

April 22, 2008

This title might seem like a joke… It is not. TRAVELLERS at Los Angeles and New York airports will be searched using a new scanner that peers through their clothes and creates an image of the person’s body, federal officials announced. The sophisticated technology, called millimetre wave imaging, might prove to be a more effective […]

Sim time of year again

April 21, 2008

It’s that time of the year again-Bf is doing his emergency procedures tests in the sim. He was quite unbearable in the car on the way to dropping him off… He had thought his sim was in the afternoon, but they changed it to first thing-and he only found out with 30 minutes to spare! […]

Just had to share!

April 19, 2008

I just HAD to write something or I would burst! Bf and I are away this weekend. We’re staying with an old university friend of Bf’s and his fiancé. I’ve only met him once previously; at the surprise birthday party I arranged for Bf last year. Bf often stays with him when he works out […]

Perfect Day with my Pilot & co-pilots!

April 17, 2008

Today was one of those days that you look back at fondly. We had a very active family day out together-the kind I often imagined that I would share with my future family as a young girl. I am not sure if it is all pilots, but certainly the majority of the ones that I […]

Welcome to my new Blog Address

April 16, 2008

I have moved all of my old posts and comments over from the old blog address. Please note that with the new blog format comment links are at the top of each post under the title… I hope that you enjoy the new format, but please email me or comment if there is anything that […]

Plane veers off runway in Congo, bursts into flames (more details)

April 16, 2008

Update on the Hewa Bora DC-9 crash   Plane veers off runway in Congo, bursts into flames By CHARLES NTIRYCHA – 17 hours ago GOMA, Congo (AP) — A Congolese jetliner with about 85 people aboard crashed on takeoff Tuesday, careening off a runway into a busy neighborhood and bursting into flames, officials said. Witnesses reported […]

Hewa Bora Airways DC-9 Plane Crash

April 15, 2008

Full story: OMG! Hewa Bora Airways (Kinshasa) suffered a serious crash this morning involving its DC-9-51 S9-DBH (msn 47731). The aircraft was departing the Congolese town of Goma when it crashed into a crowded residential area shortly after takeoff. Initial reports put the estimated casualty toll at 78 or more, and say the aircraft may […]

Aerobatics and Wing-Walking

April 13, 2008

This weekend was FAB! Bf and I took baby to see his parents. Whilst we were there, Bf had an aerobatics flying lesson that his parents bought him for his birthday. Baby and I went along to ‘watch’. Unfortunately, all we got to witness was his take off, as they were far clear of the […]