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Female passenger got more than she bargained for on American Airlines Flight to Los Angeles! Ewww!


News Version

Perez Hilton’s gossip verion (much funnier) 

Centava Dozier, a 21 year old female from Houston, TX got a very unexpected surprise after waking up from a nap aboard an American Airlines flight.

Dozier was on a flight from DFW International airport to Los Angeles, CA, to visit some family and friends. When the flight took off, she was sitting on an unoccupied row on the plane and decided to get some rest.

When she woke up, she found a sticky substance in her hair along with a man masturbating in the seat right next to her!!!!!!

Dozier claims that when she went to ask the flight attendants for help and to have the pervert removed from the seat next to her and taken to his assigned seat, the staff did nothing.

The man was arrested when the plane landed.

Dozeir has filed a $200,000 suit against American Airlines, claiming that a passenger masturbated next to her and then ejaculated in her hair while she slept, and that the crew failed to assist her afterwards.

Representatives for American Airlines maintain that their staff aboard the plane took appropriate action and had the individual arrested upon arrival.

Guess everyone is going to start thinking twice before falling asleep on a plane?


2 Responses to “Female passenger got more than she bargained for on American Airlines Flight to Los Angeles! Ewww!”

  1. That is disgusting! I live just north of Houston. I say that the lady deserves more than $200,000. What was that guy thinking? I can’t believe it!

  2. LOL! OMG, that is foul. I think I may have vomited. That guy’s got some serious BALLS (pun intended).

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