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Biofuel, is it a real solution to the airline fuel problem? (Part 2)

Sorry, the post was too long to fit!

…I for one am impressed with the research. For anyone who is interested, a Further Report informs us that the Biofuel used by Richard Branson’s 747 was derived from from a mixture of Brazilian babassu nuts and coconuts. Virgin have said that the babassu tree, native to Brazil, and the coconuts did not compete with staple food sources and came from existing mature plantations… Both products are commonly used in cosmetics and household paper products.

 The problems as I see it (from my limited reading and understanding of the subject) with Bio fuel are:

  1. “If you look at the latest scientific research it clearly shows biofuels do very little to reduce emissions,” (Kenneth Richter, of Friends of the Earth)
  2. Biofuel is more likely to freeze at high altitude (eeeek)
  3. It is not sustainable at present, because there simply isn’t enough arable land available to produce it without significantly impacting on food cost and production

Still, to me this area of research it seems, is still in it’s early days. Experimental research progresses faster when the financial remuneration for the end product is high. With the cost of fuel, and the quantities that the aviation world use. I am in no doubt as to the fact that this is a very lucrative opportunity for the successful team. I am hopeful that this is a good sign for the future!

I have to believe this, as without this hope, my family has a bleak future! I couldn’t imagine Bf without aviation in his life, he get’s quite down as it is whene he just has a week or so without an opportunity to fly! I think most pilot’s SO’s would say the same…

Please let me know if you see anything of interest regarding the fossil fuel/biofuel issue (thanks Shelley for your previous link, though I am still having trouble accessing it reliably).


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