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Come in Flyblog Admin-Do you hear us?!

This site (flyblog) is a big fat pain in the bum right now. I have become utterly fed up with the problems and the way admin NEVER respond to my emails…

Back in November they ‘updated’ the software. But it has done more harm than good.

Firstly, if you have had problems leaving comments (because you are being told you have been reported as SPAM) This is nothing to do with me. I suspect that certain service providers (likely Yahoo, but maybe others too) are being generically blocked. I’ve tried complaining, but I’m not even sure if admin is receiving my emails since I have a yahoo address and I get no response.

I know a few other bloggers on here have had similar issues.

I am going to look into a few other sites, so please email me direct if you’d like to comment or contact me, but cant.

Also as a test, please try leaving a comment to this post, if you get a spam warning rejection, I’d be grateful if you could email and let me know!


6 Responses to “Come in Flyblog Admin-Do you hear us?!”

  1. Sorry to hear about your hosting problems! There are a number of alternatives so there is no need to put up with poor customer service.

    Great blog, by the way!

  2. You can try blogspot, though I find their pages/blogs load very slowly.

  3. My understanding is that Doug Taylor, the webmaster of, also administrates this site.

    He’s a great guy, but between his airline flying, webmastering, and Flyblog administrating, I think he’s extremely busy. I’m guessing everything is on his to-do list, but it takes a while to work his way down the list.

    Considering this is a free site with no ads and a dedicated aviation community, I’m willing to stick around, even if the kinks take a long time to get worked out.

  4. I’ve had really good luck with Blogger. The only problems I have are self-induced ones when I forget to save my template before making HTML changes.

  5. Please let us know if you move!

  6. Thanks all for the comments. I am partcularly interested in those of you with Yahoo or Hotmail accounts testing my theory! Also really appreciate the blog site advice… Please keep the comments coming!

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