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Pilots that give pilots a reputation

I was surfing last night, and did some random search on pilot girlfriends to see what would be returned, and I found this:

Sleazy Pilot Want Ad

“Generous and attractive Airline Pilot from the USA, 35 yrs old, is seeking an attractive Chinese lady (18-35)for fun, romance and just hanging out together.
I usually visit Shanghai twice a month, layover for 3-4 days each time.
You will stay with me in very nice 4 star hotel, enjoy fine dining and whatever else suits you. All expenses will be mine and I can help you out a little if you find yourself short when rent is due!!.
I am not a big nightlife guy, so if you enjoy sitting in bars all night, you’re probably not right for me.
Please reply with photo and I will do the same.
Please understand that I am seeking a mutually satisfying sexual relationship as well. I will not beg and/or if you have a problem with this type of relationship, please don’t respond.”

I was both amused and mortified at the same time. This guy doesn’t imply that he’d like the girl for anything other that paid sex. I imagine he has other ‘girlfriends’ at other destinations, and my sceptical side says probably a wife at home too.

Bf laughed out loud and thought the ad extremely amusing, and thought that the guy was a blatant sleaze. He always finds it amazing that anyone would want to pay for sex…

I think that it is guys like this that give pilots their sleazy reputation. They all get tarred with the same brush by people who are shocked by this sort of situation. I am amazed that any woman would want this set up. But then again there are also a lot of sleazy women out there too. I hope that despite not being into nightlife, he is into protection, because otherwise there could be a network of sexually infectious people propagating diseases  as a result (since I doubt this would be an exclusive ‘relationship’ for either party).


One Response to “Pilots that give pilots a reputation”

  1. I found your site last night through a link to it from some slaggy hostie’s blog. She was basically proud of being a hooker. Said she thinks it’s a ‘sport’ to shag married and attached pilots, as long as they’re not too tight fisted (so I guess she might like the bloke in this ad! She scoffed that she wouldn’t get taken to Le Touqet instead of the paris Ritz by her married ‘sugar-daddy’ Captain). I thought I’d let you know. Love the blog by the way! The slag’s blog is by the way. I recon we should all bombard her with nasty comments for being such a witch!

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