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Social Occasions with a Peacock… Oops, did I say Peacock? I meant Pilot!

I really enjoy social occasions, but I have to confess to growing tired of the SAME old conversations we have with people who we don’t see often.

It’s so repetitive. I understand that Bf’s job is naturally very intriguing to people, but I could almost pre-record the conversation. Bf becomes a peacock who is puffing out his pilot feathers and loving all the attention. I wouldn’t mind, except that I feel like if I contribute to the conversation, he resents it. So, I either have to sit there like a mute or end up with Bf scowling at me for ‘stealing his moment.’

He acts like he hates attention, but actually he loves it-he positively laps it up!

I long for a a night, where we can just have a normal conversation, or one that is interesting to me too. Not that I’m not interested in what Bf does, because we have some fascinating conversations about it; but the social conversations about his career are regurgitated every time without fail.

Just once I’d rather talk about something intelligent and different to ‘travel benefits, whether all those buttons are necessary, whether mobile phones really should be switched off in-flight, whether passengers really do get caught joining the mile high club in the bog, or how much work he does per month.’

I hope that over time, this will get easier to deal with, or that at least our own friends will find out everything they want to, and then enjoy other discussion subjects with us.


4 Responses to “Social Occasions with a Peacock… Oops, did I say Peacock? I meant Pilot!”

  1. I hear ya, sister!

  2. I can assure you it only gets easier to deal with – because the conversations will never end! Once you have gotten your closest friends and family acclimated, someone new will come along and will start up with the same old questions. Pretty soon you will start answering 🙂

  3. This unfortunately is where the problem arises… After a few glasses of wine, and constant conversational focus on Bf’s career-I do find myself ‘helping’ out with his answers! I then get a public dressing down from a thunder stolen Bf who will say ‘Oh really!?! Obviously you know then!’ I normally want to pour the remainder of my wine over him at that point, because I’ve heard it so many times before, that, YES, I DO KNOW! …But that would just be wasteful 😀

  4. You are so right! As soon as my husband mentions the word pilot, I am out of the conversation for the rest of the night. On and on and on the conversation goes and it is always the same conversation. I hardly find out anything about the others in the group because I have listened to my husband answer questions. Blah, blah, blah! Then, I get the question: “It must be hard when he is gone like that all the time. How do you do it?”

    I’ll have another bartender!

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