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Life’s equilibrium is starting to be restored, but my time management is still poor!

Well, things are starting to settle back down in my life. My new job is starting to feel more like home. I feel like I am getting to grips with it, and I am getting more feedback than I was; which is great. I have got my head around the differences between the way this company does things, and it doesn’t feel so alien to me any more-I think that I am performing against expectations satisfactorily too.

Bf is away in, yes, you guessed it, the Caribbean (AGAIN) at the moment, he gets home early on Wednesday… I’m looking forward to seeing him, but it’s funny, but I’d actually quite like a few more days to myself to get stuff done before he comes home.  I feel like my time-management is all over the place at the moment, and my social life is what gives 😦 I’d love to steal some of the wonderfully care-free time out that Bf has when he’s away on his trips.  His biggest time-management concern seems to be whether he’ll be able to fit a long enough phone conversation in for me between lying on a beach and his game of tennis with the Captain! (I can talk for England, but still)!

I haven’t really been able to make time for my friends recently, which sucks.  The kids are on half term holiday this week, and trying to juggle work, home and kids is hard enough… When he gets back-it’ll just add another time demand into the equation… Well two, because then I’ll have an excuse to be able to get to the gym too, which I cannot factor in with three children to care for full time. The gym creche wont take my oldest son, as he’s too old, so whilst I do enjoy going, it’s been a break to not be going, and to have an excuse not to feel guilty about it!

Still, on Thursday evening, the boys are going to my ex to spend a couple of days with him, which gives me some quality time to spend with Bf before his next Long-haul trip on Sunday.

I wish I could have a magic remote for time, so that I could pause life whilst I get work done, then be able to resume things without missing out on time with my family and friends. I’m sure I’ll work it all out in the end. I just find it very hard, because I want to be a fantastic mummy, perfect partner, career girl, athlete and a social butterfly all rolled into one! Blatantly there will have to be compromises though, as I cant do it all without either wasting away, or making myself ill!


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