Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Relationships with pilots = emotional S&M

Love is a funny thing. Sometimes it’s the most wonderful thing ever and other times it’s pure pain. Being in love with an airline pilot who flies long-haul is a cliché double-edged sword.

Sometimes I adore my time out, then other times I get extremely fed up with it. On these days I find myself questionning whether I can be bothered with it. I fantasise about having someone who is home for all the special occasions, and weekends, who I can rely on when something goes wrong.

Then I realise, that I would get bored with anyone that isn’t Bf. I would find it more frustrating having the routine back than not having one at all!

I know the grass isn’t greener elsewhere, but on certain days it can look that way.

I sometimes wonder if I’m actually a repressed sado-masochist! :-S But seriously, why else would I date a pilot? Why else would I love a man who is married to his job? I’m telling you-it has to be a secret desire for emotional self-harm!

Confusing, eh?


3 Responses to “Relationships with pilots = emotional S&M”

  1. I’ve often felt the same way. My husband was away for the better part of TWELVE MONTHS in 2007 (yes, a whole year). We only saw each other for one weekend a month, if we were lucky and could afford an ultra-cheap plane ticket. Now that we live together again, my opinion of his time away wavers. Sometimes I like him home everyday (hi-speeds) but then he gets on my nerves when I see him too much. It’s like I’ve forgotten how to live with him, especially after a year of him living in hotels and dorm rooms.

  2. I feel like that much today. We actually got to go to the air force base and see him in between flying in from Louisville. He leaves again tomorrow at noon, and seeing him today with my daughter, taking pictures of all of us on the big C-5, it made me get really emotional because he has been gone so much. I would not wish this feeling on anyone. Sometimes I get so mad because I’m putting my feeling right out there, and I always tell him how great I am to see him. But then, he does something like get me a CD, or wants to bring me dinner because I’m so exhausted from school and work…

    I just want to choke him. LOL But today is a really rough day, it almost makes me wish I wouldn’t have gone to see him because now I know he is leaving again…and I am just flattened out…like someone poked a hole in my happy balloon. Atleast, I have great pictures of the kiddo and him. But looking at them makes me emotional…

    God I hope my period starts soon…LOL I cannot tell you how great it is to read your blogs. Best advice I have gotten!

  3. I’m a pilots girlfriend, all I do is wait 😦

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