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Polaroid announces sad news…

polariod snapshots

I just heard something sad. Polaroid have announced that they will be ceasing to manufacture their classic instant polaroid cameras AND film! Noooooooo!

Polaroids are a piece of my family history! I have vivid recollections of my grandma taking polaroids of my brother and I in the garden. We’d sit impatiently waiting for the grey square to come to life in front of our eyes, often rubbing it against a soft patch on our clothing in a bid to warm the film and speed up the development process…

It was undoubtedly tacky quality, but there is something special about the white bordered pictures that made them a piece of my childhood heritage! I even used them in my previous company to take snap shots of candidates I interviewed, as a visual reminder on their hard-copy candidate file. I used to write the candidate name on the thick white lower boarder in marker pen.

Apparently, Polaroid plan to focus on digital photography now. I guess they are just moving with the times, at £1 a pop for a picture you couldn’t even preview, their days were numbered-but for me, Polaroid just won’t be the same in digital!


One Response to “Polaroid announces sad news…”

  1. […] CHIP! “The Times They Are A-Changin’”, and technology moves a mile a minute. Polaroid announced this year that they would stop making the eponymous film to go with said timeless and quintessential […]

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