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One of those great weekends in France where you gain 3lb!

Bf and I have just returned home from France. We decided to visit my parents on a spur of the moment on Friday, as I was dropping him at the airport for his short-haul trip to Tenerife.  I packed everything we’d need for the weekend, and we went straight to Eurotunnel when I picked him up in the early evening.

It was a really great weekend. We couldn’t have asked for better weather, especially in February. It was glorious sunshine all weekend! It was so nice to get away for a few days and indulge in lots of naughty treats that we wouldn’t normally!  My uncle was over from the States. He is a skinny version of my dad, but somehow manages to look and act alarmingly like Mr. Bean! He used to work on design and engineering of aeroplanes, and was fairly active in helping with much of the type that Bf flies. He has also worked as part of several Air Crash investigation teams, which is something that fascinates Bf. He has often said that if he ever lost his pilot’s medical-this is one alternate avenue of work that he’d consider.

I therefore thought that Bf would quite enjoy his company; but as it transpired, Bf’s most ovewhelming emotion in my uncle’s company was irritation. My uncle seemed to lack any manners for the first 24 hours, and never seemed to say please or thank you for any thing to my mother. This really got under Bf’s skin, and I think soured the chances of my uncle growing on him much over the rest of the weekend.

We went to Dieppe market on Saturday, and had a lovely meal by the marina, I had a white fish (I’m still not quite sure what it was) in white wine and cream with mussels and mushrooms, and wild rice, followed by the most divine rich dark chocolate mousse. I shared a little bit with baby, who decided that she loved it so much she’d cry whenever her mouthful was all gone in order to try and successfully procure another mouthful… She’s certainly worked out emotional manipulation at a tender age; I’ll have to work on de-programming that fairly sharpish. Still, I’m sure it’s a sign that she’s intelligent!

Then my mum cooked a superb lamb supper, that I would have happily paid top money for in a decent restaurant! She is an amazing cook when she sets her mind to it. I do love going there and escaping the rat race here. I just wish that there were less driving involved in getting there. It takes us about 4 hours door-to-door to get there with a clear run; which inevitably means getting there ridiculously late on a Friday, and wasting much of the day light on Sunday.  Still, there’s the price you pay…

I guess I must have put on a tonne of weight this weekend. I refuse to go any where near the scales to confirm this for a few days. I’ll burn it off at the gym and be good until Thursday (Valentines day), when I will no doubt be very naughty again!!!  


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