Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Let me set the story straight.

I happened to comment on the story of ‘Stephanie’ the French HOstie:

  • NOT because I am concerned about HER career, 
  • NOT because I don’t think she has a nice body,
  • but because I DO think it was inappropriate behaviour at work, when if the pilot misses a trick professionally, it would affect the lives of hundreds of people, as well as the career he worked so damn hard for. (if you were a nervous passenger, OR had lost a loved one in a plane crash, and it transpired this had been going on in the cockpit, you would be the first in queue to complain)
  • and because I DO feel sorry for the innocent careers this COULD impact.

I am not jealous of her as some short sighted male readers, who have clearly not read any of the rest of my blog, have assumed (probably due to a lack of blood feeding their other vital organs at the time of commenting).

I don’t look half bad myself, I work hard to stay fit, healthy and trim-and I am finally more than happy enough with the body I have-but I don’t need to get my breasts out for random men, or indeed send you a picture to prove anything! The only people I need to worry about my image with, are me and my man. We are both happy-thank you.

There is nothing about Stephanie in my blog which you wont find in the Sun, so if that’s all you hit my blog for, please go to: Sun-Link

This has seriously confirmed something to me that I always believed any way… That exhibitionism may get a woman serious attention, but that it will only be from men that I personally would want nothing to do with.

One such man who has contacted me is vile. I have no idea why he thinks he is such an authority on passing comment, and being so completely shallow-the picture on his blog looks like someone who has had acid poured over his face, so he obviously has no interest in trying to look good himself… I think that even the ‘lovely’ Stephanie’s standards might be too high for someone that fell out of the ugly tree and managed to catch EVERY branch on the way down!


2 Responses to “Let me set the story straight.”

  1. This story made it to early morning radio here in Florida today. I thought about you while I was listening to it. As the wife of a pilot, I agree with you 100% that this behavior is disgusting and contributes to giving FA’s and pilots as well – bad reputations. Naturally the male DJ’s thought this was great and “what a life these guys have.”

    Ignore the morons that send you negative comments. They are obviously not married, or in a serious, commited relationship. Or, they are just idiots trying to get you to send photos and continue with their perverted ways.

    You have my support!

  2. Thank you so much. It’s great to have the intelligent comments back! I am fairly positive that none of the comments by these men have come from men who aren’t in any kind of relationship with a real live woman.

    Thank you for your support, it is valued!

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