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Anniversaries & Valentines

candy hearts 

Bf and I had our four year anniversary yesterday.  So we got a babysitter, and went out for the evening to a Tapas restaurant to spend some quality couple time together.  Afterwards we went for a few drinks in our local, which was really lovely and chilled out.

When I think about how we met, it brings a real smile to my face. I was in such a crappy relationship before I met Bf. My looney ex-husband’s handy work had left me in need of reconstructive plastic surgery, and I was seriously unhappy. I didn’t think I’d ever be happy again. Then Bf and I met in the most random way, online, and he put the smile right back on my face again.  I have had the most amazing 4 years of my life so far.  He helped me to find me again; and helped me remember that I don’t need to rely on anyone, including him, for my happiness and security. I gained my independence back, both personally and financially, and I am looking forward to the rest of my life.

We have another rare full weekend off together this weekend. They boys are away with my ex, so we are planning to buy a baby seat for the bike, and go for some bike rides together. I’ve become quite addicted to exercise recently.  I have even enlisted the services of a personal trainer.  I have definitely noticed a massive difference in my body.  I am down to a lean 19% body fat ratio (athletic level!) and and am in pretty much the best physical shape I have ever been in…

When I hit 30, 40, etc I want to be able to look at the photo’s and think ‘not bad!’ I have managed to get Bf to agree to do the London to Brighton bike ride with me (without baby in tow I hasten to add). So we’re going to get some practice in before hand. I’m quite excited about it. I would like to raise some money for charity too. 

I’d like to have chosen Demelza house as the charity I’ll ride for. They are a children’s hospice; a very dear friend of mine had a young child that spent time in there a couple of years ago before he sadly passed away from stomach cancer at 4 years of age.  They rely almost solely on charitable donations to continue running. However, having researched the event, it is charitably, exclusively for the British Heart Foundation (which is also a great cause, but not so personally sentimental to me).  I’ll have to find another event that I can also do for Demelza to get sponsored for!

If anybody is interested in donating to Demelza house, please follow this link

Demelza House

Next week is Valentines night… Last year we were in Egypt for Valentines night, we had a Bedouin meal under the stars in the desert.  It was our last holiday before we had baby, and the first time we had managed to spend Valentine’s evening together!  I am really excited about this Valentines day actually.  We are going to the city where we had our first date, and we’re going for a meal in one of our favourite restaurants!

Nothing can ruin my happy mood at the moment 😀


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