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The pilot who risked his career and credibility for a cheap in flight thrill with an even cheaper hostie!

Idiot Pilot and HO-stie

I am stunned AGAIN.  This pilot^^^^^ has been a complete idiot… Read on-I have recently come across these articles:

IDIOT PILOT – Courtesy of the Sun (with video)

IDIOT PILOT – Courtesy of The Daily Mail

Probe launched after air stewardess performs topless mid-air striptease for the captain

An investigation has been launched after a video of a topless French air stewardess performing a sexy striptease for the captain while the plane was flying was leaked on to the Internet.

Despite the plane being in the air – and with several hundred passengers presumably blissfully unaware of what is going on – the sexy cabin attendant removes her bra and lets the captain and co-pilot get hands on.

The video was leaked onto the Internet by members of the French crew and has sparked a major probe at several European airlines to discover the crew members responsible.

In the video, which lasts a little over two minutes, the stewardess, who even appears to be wearing a wedding ring, first performs a sexy striptease for the captain.

She then removes her bra and the captain fondles and gropes the stewardess as he grins at the camera.

At first when I saw the pictures, I was convinced that it was rubbish, and likely fake. However, I have seen the video, and am now convinced that it is authentic.  My immediate reaction was that I felt sick.  Why, oh WHY are some people in this industry SO nasty?

Then I realised something, and  felt a wave of relief wash over me… These idiots were actually stupid enough to film their lurid behaviour. The airlines are searching for this crew, because the press are hunting for them. The airline will have no choice but to sack them without warning for gross misconduct; because passengers will have every right if they see the pilot walk on to their plane, to disembark, demand a refund, and complain. 

It is not only the pilot’s credibility and reputation on the line, but also the airline’s.  Even if this behaviour would have been tolerated behind closed doors within the airline industry, it cannot be allowed.  This video has been leaked onto the Internet, and the press are after blood. With air safety so high on the list of news-worthiness, this scenario is completely unacceptable. 

This is blind stupidity. These pilots, but in particular the Captain, have risked their entire career and their credibility for a cheap moment of titillation with a hostie that appears to have been married!  I sincerely doubt that they will look back on this and think it was worthy of the hangover it will cause in their lives.  I would bet money on the hostie being on the receiving end of divorce papers in the near future, and with them all being in receipt of their dismissals even sooner.


They were utterly wreckless; and to grin like an idiot at the camera catching the sordid evidence is beyond forgiveness. They deserve to be hunted down by the press and humiliated. Fine to behave this way on the ground, if you are single (and you are cheap and nasty), but in the air, with hundreds of fare paying passengers sat behind you with their lives in your hands… Think again!

I hope that every pilot in the industry will hear about this and think twice.



3 Responses to “The pilot who risked his career and credibility for a cheap in flight thrill with an even cheaper hostie!”

  1. Don’t be ridiculous! Would you also stone the air hostess to death bcs she was not married with the captain?

  2. I find the whole thing sad and amusing simultaneously!
    Sad because there are people out there who do this and amusing because they are so stupid that they film the bloody debacle!!

    In Response to Pac Man. Of course you would not ‘stone her to death’ but the girl lacks some morals and common sense. The minute you make a video like that, you loose any claim on your self respect and you are also allowing people to judge you. If it was never meant to be seen again then why was it recorded?! It all smacks of sheer desperation and ulterior motives!!

  3. In response to Pac man, I am not ridiculous. I simply think marriage is something that should be taken seriously. She is wearing what appears to be a wedding ring. As I said in the entry:

    “Fine to behave this way on the ground, if you are single (and you are
    cheap and nasty), but in the air, with hundreds of fare paying
    passengers sat behind you with their lives in your hands… Think again!”

    I think she clearly wants attention, and she should clearly be working as either a glamour model or a porn actress rather than taking the pilot’s attention away from the job he is being paid to do. He is in a position of responsibility. I am not married to him, and he can do what he likes on the ground… In the air however-I’d like him to concentrate on flying (especially on a short European sector, where there is barely time to eat a meal, let alone entertain this!

    A pilot was recently sensationally and publicly sacked when a video of him appeared on the internet masturbating in the cockpit. How is this so different?

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