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Nice work if you can get it!

I’m so jealous of Bf this week. He routinely books a week or two of time off at this time of year, as the company sub charter quite a few pilots and planes out to overseas airlines in the winter; meaning that they are pretty tight for staff here. He then puts himself in the overtime availability list with crewing in the hope that he’ll earn some extra money.

So far his strategy has always worked. He might ordinarily get 1 or 2 days overtime a month, but its always significantly more when he does this.

He’d done pretty well out of his first week off, then on Sunday, they rang him and offered him a full week! 7 days overtime to do a really exciting trip to several Caribbean islands (with some island hop flights). VERY nice by all accounts. The hotel he’s staying in is a dream, he’s got a huge suite all to himself. Apparently it normally costs $500 a night to stay there, which is an exorbitant amount for that area of the world.

Thinking I should have become an airline pilot myself!

Still… Looks like its going to mean a lovely birthday for me as a result. He’s taking me to New York for 4 days-I can’t wait! 😀

Statue of Liberty


One Response to “Nice work if you can get it!”

  1. wow…..that is nice!!!!lol

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