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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

1 week review

It’s the end of my first week at work. I am pleased with how it has gone. I think I am at least meeting expectations… Though it’s hard to know, as my managers do not seem to give me much feedback. I thought they’d be giving me more support actually, as another lady that started a few weeks prior to me left this week! She had previously managed a commercial agency branch in central London, and was returning to work after a 3 year career break.  Apparently it was just too far removed from her comfort zone to work from home though.

I met her once, and she seemed nervous and unduly concerned about her lack of knowledge about the IT jargon. I tried to reason that it was unrealistic to think we’d understand the jargon this early on!

Still, there we are. I am made of stronger stuff, and wont be walking away from anything without knowing I’ve given it my best shot first.

Bf has just left, he’s off to Tenerife and back at about 1am. Then we have the whole weekend together with baby (the boys are off to my idiot ex for the weekend). I’m rather looking forward to some quality time with Bf  without school runs to consider… Talking of which-I must dash!


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