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Job Vs Career

I started my new job properly this week. I’m resourcing for a Lead Business Analyst role for a large insurance firm.

I have to say, my company is slick-I am very impressed with their systems and processes, though I am left feeling somewhat unable to shine and fan my feathers ‘peacock style’. Seriously! In my previous company-I did everything throughout the whole recruitment cycle. It meant that each vacancy was known inside out by the consultant, and the process was organic. However, you had to be quite special to keep your head above water in the job, let alone perform above expectation.

I was the top perms performer in my region. My name was always at the top of league tables and buzzing around on management emails… I felt special.

But… I was working with vacancies where soft skills mattered. Often entry level. It required me to be creative with my resourcing, and I had to think outside the box, to sell people in. I chose candidates that I was passionate about, who’s personalities inspired me, and I worked hard to get them into their desired profession.

But the average billings in this company are MASSIVE. Soft skills are less of a sales pitch, because the salary expectation implies it. They run a very smooth operation. Every part of the process is compartmentalised and structured. Vacancies are taken on by sales people; staffed by resourcers, and admin taken care of by a team of administrators. It’s feels like a production line.

I had always thought that this would never work, but it apparently does-INCREDIBLY WELL for this more niche area of recruitment.

At the moment, I feel somewhat out of depth with all the IT jargon, and although impressed with the ethics and structure of the company-I am almost disappointed that I can’t be a shining star. I feel like this job has been turned into a scientific formula, in which there is no scope for me to be outstanding or think outside the box. Anyone with half a brain could be trained to be successful at it.

Maybe I am wrong. It’s certainly very labour intensive and less varied than what I’m used to. I am just hoping that I adjust to it quickly, and that it grows on me.

The basic salary is an increase on what I previously earned, I get additional benefits like health insurance, etc, and it’s so flexible with my hours… I can basically pick it up and put it down as I please; but it just isn’t making me sparkle yet.

I don’t want to settle for just a job. I need a career. That said, I do have other priorities at the moment, and I haven’t given it much of a chance yet. Hopefully I’m missing a point or something.

Bf says I shouldn’t be concerned about it, just get my head down and crack on, but not over-commit. Its easy for him to say. He’s got an easy little number as an airline pilot-going on well paid holidays for a living! It is the ultimate career-kudos, status, opportunities and benefits… The main wish list for any candidate.

He has ULTIMATE job satisfaction.

He also doesn’t want me to get sucked back into ‘career woman’ mode again. He says that he wants me to have a career break and enjoy being a mummy; but I suspect it also has something to do with insecurity. Having me at home; fulfilling the SAHM role to our daughter, but also bringing some money into the cash flow is a nice comfort zone for him.

I do enjoy working from home, but if my job doesn’t start stimulating me more-I’ll have to think about sorting out my own start up agency. I’ll give it 6 months before I make my mind up though.


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