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Classroom Folly

I had to drop Bf off for his refresher course this morning.  It was prior to the school run, so we bundled the whole family into the car for the ride. On the way, I said

“Daddy’s going to be in a classroom today, just like you boys… Pilot’s never stop learning, do you Daddy?”

Bf: “No, that’s right-always new things to learn about and get updated on!”

Younger son “I sit on the floor when I learn” (slightly random comment)

Older son “I sit on the floor and on chairs when I learn!”

At this point I had a visual image in my mind of Bf, and the 15 or so other pilots sat cross legged on the floor looking expectantly upward at the refresher host for their ‘story’ on Pitot Static systems! I laughed out loud, and said

“Daddy, will you be sitting on the floor with the other First Officers and Captains for a nice little story?”

Bf smiled but didn’t reply, not to me anyway.  The thought had obviously tickled him too though. He said:

“We’ll sit on chairs, and we won’t have stories, we’ll be talking about aeroplanes.”

Just had to share! 


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