Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Class Act

Well, it is absolutely tipping down outside. I really can’t stand this rubbish weather. I am SO jealous that Bf is lying on a beach in Mexico again today. He said it was 29°C yesterday!

I would give anything to be able to jet off every week or two like he is!

Apparently, on his flight out, 2 girls got so intoxicated that one threw up over the entire bathroom, then fell asleep on the toilet with her trousers and panties around her ankles… Passengers became worried about the length of time she’d been in, and the flight attendants had to enter when she didn’t reply.

She had drunk herself unconscious, and the crew had to re-dress her! The other one passed out i n front of the emergency exit! Apparently the flight attendants had only served them 2 small bottles of wine, so they must have brought some of their own too.

When they disembarked, they were both stinking as they were covered in red wine and vomit-NICE! Class act gals!


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