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Snow Man

The weather here isn’t great, but it seems that in other areas of the UK only a few hours away it is quite a bit worse. Bf is working out of a different base for a couple of days.  He was supposed to take off at around about lunch time. At about 3pm he texted me to say that he would be delayed in landing; as the airport had been shut due to snow! It’s a relatively small airport, and I assumed that perhaps they were just ill set up for dealing with snow (probably completely naive of me if they are taking large jets)

About an hour later, he rang me to let me know he would finally be taking off shortly. I questioned him

Me:  “Is it REALLY snowing where you are?”

Bf:  “Yes!”

Me:  “No, I know you said it’s snowing, but I mean, is it really settling… Enough that you could make a snowman?”

Bf  “Yes, that’s why they needed to close the runway to clear it”

At this point I erupt in giggles… I suddenly have a mental image of him and the Captain bundling out of the cockpit in full uniform but maybe with ear-muffs for added ‘cool’ factor (giggle) to build a snow man together beside the plane and the closed runway in full view of all their awaiting passengers!

He of course is sat in the cockpit, next to the Captain, and had snatched these few brief moments to call me out of courtesy whilst they awaited their departure.  I did not explain my silly outbreak to him, as I doubted he was in the right frame of mind, so I excused myself told him I loved him and said I’d speak to him later.

It is still tickling me now.

He get’s home tomorrow, but is off on a long-haul trip on Sunday. So, tomorrow, I am going to do my domestic goddess thing and make him his favourite extravagant meal: Beef Wellington. Yummy!


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