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Protected: Ice Breakers!

Yesterday was my first day at my new job… It went VERY well. It was slightly nerve wracking, as the reason I started yesterday was so that I could meet EVERYONE. I mean EVERYONE. Approximately forty people from two offices were there for a start of year presentation meeting, including all senior management. I was asked to stand up in front of the meeting and introduce myself and my working background and future remit. I hate meeting introduction ice-breakers like this, but managed to do so without making a complete arse of myself.

It wasn’t too bad. I’ve had to do worse in group interviews. I remember one sales interview for a very large prestigious company, where they gave you five minutes to talk to a paired partner, and then you had to introduce them instead of yourself…

It was a clever ploy to look at your listening and fact-finding skills under pressure, because they recognised that most sales people have huge egos and like nothing more than an opportunity to talk about themselves. Most failed the exercise because they were too busy trying to make sure their pairing had all the information about them.

In another inte view, we had to introduce ourselves with an interesting fact about us. I loathe these excercises, as I personally find that my mind goes blank and I suddenly think ‘Oh my God! Am I really this uninteresting!?!?!’ I ended having a silent debate with myself about things I could use, dismissing some as too boring. I ended up announcing to the group that I had applied to the ‘Utterly Butterly Wing-walking team’ for a position on their team! They were of course, utterly convinced that I needed to be committed after this; though I did somehow still get offered both jobs.

ANY WAY, I digress. So… I managed to get through all of the introductions and my ice-breaker yesterday intact, and I felt good about the first impressions I had made.

I’m also quite excited, as if targets are met for this quarter, everyone will be going away to Paris for a few days in April/May, with fabulous restaurants, entertainment (a show) and hotel included.

I felt silently smug at the thought of the boot being on the other foot for a change. Normally Bf is the one going away on his longhaul trips, to his fancy hotels and his nights out, whilst I stay home with the kids-and I have to be okay with it, because; it’s ‘work’.

When I told Bf, he must have asked me a million questions; Why, When would it be? How long for? What would I be doing? How many other’s would be going? Would we be drinking? Could he come too? I found the whole thing somewhat amusing. Maybe in the future, he’ll appreciate my own feelings a little more.

The people all seemed lovely, and I am very excited to be on the cusp of this new work adventure, with people that seem to be so enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. I’m almost sad that I’ll be working from home!



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