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Size 0

This has nothing to do with being the girlfriend of a pilot today I’m afraid, so anyone reading with that in mind can zone out now 🙂

As you’ve probably gathered, I care about my appearance. Not ridiculously so, I wouldn’t for one second think of myself as a vain pain; but I take some pride and effort.

It mattered to me that I lost all of my baby weight and size. Not for the 6 month duration of breastfeeding massively, but certainly I wouldn’t have been happy until I had achieved the complete loss of the excess baby weight.

However, the whole ‘size 0’ thing just doesn’t tickle my fancy at all.

Zero's not my Hero! 

For a start, too thin doesn’t suit me. I went down to a small 6, (or US 2) after my divorce-and my mum got really upset with me. She mistakenly thought I had become anorexic and told me it aged me to be so thin.

I lost my breasts completely and looked gaunt. I felt bitterly cold and tired all the time. It was not a good look.

I know I am not that thin now, I still have breasts and the odd area I think could be improved, so why oh why can I suddenly fit into size 6 jeans and skirts I bought in the January sales!?

It is my believe that clothing manufacturers are getting sly and cutting clothes a bit bigger so that us vain ladies can fit into the next size down. My mum thinks so too… Apparently growing up, she was always a size 12, and these days, she’s a size 8-10 yet some of her old size 12 clothes still fit her!

I really don’t give a monkeys what size label my jeans show me, I’ll cut it out if it bothers me that much! I do however want to be able to go into every store and pick up the same size and have it fit me! I have had some highly irritating experiences with mail order recently!

Bf never seems to suffer these problems, so it’s obviously just women’s fashion. When he goes away to lovely places, he asks me if I’d like him to buy me anything whilst he’s away. If I could be certain he wasn’t wasting his money on the wrong size, I would spend a fortune by proxy!

Does any one else find this?!


2 Responses to “Size 0”

  1. I think you’re absolutely right! Each designer chooses their own size scale and they keep paring down every so slightly to make women’s self-esteem rise .. “Oh look! I must be losing weight. I can wear these size 4s!” I really wish women’s clothes were sized based on static measurements of the inseam, hip (butt), and waist. I don’t notice this size disparity so much in shirts.

  2. Gregory…

    Are you sure this is correct?…

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