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New Beginnings for a New Year

I woke up a different person today mentally. I’m determined to look forward, think positive, and be ’10 on tap’…

Today might be grey and gloomy outside, but we’ve just been for a walk along an old disused railway track, and I couldn’t fail to notice how blessed we are to live in this beautiful area.

Looking up at the sky through the leafless winter-kissed branches of the trees, I decided it looked like a Christmas card scene without the snow… I smiled, and squeezed Bf’s gloved hand in mine…

Me: “I really love you”
Bf: “I love you too!”
Me “Let’s have an amazing year together…”

Bf smiled, I smiled, and we kissed.

I love New Years… So wonderful to be able to cast aside the old year, and start a new one clean and fresh and full of promise.

It reminds me of how I felt when I started a new year at school years ago, with all my clean crisp new stationary and exercise books. One year I promised myself that my hand writing would always be my neatest, and unlike most of my peers, I kept my promise to myself.

At university, I got a laptop (which was quite unusual 10 years ago) and promised myself I’d take it to all of my lectures, making sure that all my lecture notes were digital. Yet again, I came good on this.

I am someone that firmly stands by anything I decide upon. I try never to over promise and under-deliver, and will never make a promise that I am not convinced I could deliver upon.

Bf’s New Year’s Resolution is to keep all of his promises (even the little ones) and his word; and never to make promises or set up expectations that he cannot fulfill.


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