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New Years Resolutions

This year has not been our best. I am determined that 2008 will be vastly better. Bf’s Christmas trip has forced me to re-evaluate my stress levels when Bf is away, and contemplate how these impact his behaviour towards me, in turn what this means to the dynamic of our relationship.

For the record, I have recently been getting pretty insecure and stressed out when Bf is on a trip. Bf didn’t particularly help me to reduce my anxiety levels at all on this particular trip, and I ended up getting quite upset about it.

I spoke to his mum about it (she used to run stress management courses) and she gave me some useful advice, that is quite logical when you think about it. Firstly, to decide whether something is WORTH stressing about:

1. Do you have the power to change the situation, or is it beyond control? (If so, why stress, as this is obviously wasted energy?)

2. Will it matter to you in a year? (If so, feel free to stress away, if not, don’t worry unnecessary!)

So here are my new years resolutions:

1. To lighten up and chill out when Bf is away. (If he gives me any reason to genuinely stress out, I will make his life hell, but otherwise I will stop being such a pain!)

2. To get back to my usual bright, positive outlook on everything (going back to work, to my new job on Thursday should help with this. I don’t think that being 100% home maker is healthy for me; it affords me too much time to be pre-occupied with Bf’s career).

3. To Continue to go to the gym at least 2ce a week. I have lost all my baby weight now, but that’s no reason to get complacent!

4. Always work hard to achieve the best possible outcome in every situation.

5. To be on time all the time. I am normally a terrible ‘last minute merchant’, which belies my otherwise organised personal nature.

Happy New Year to you for 2008!


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