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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Merry Christmas

 Christmas Lights

Well, Bf’s in the Caribbean, I’m in France. Merry Christmas! This is Christmas as an airline pilot’s wife/girlfriend. It wasn’t too bad actually. Even though it pains me to confess it.

We celebrated on the 24th with the kids, and it really felt authentic. I made some amendments to the usual Christmas Eve routine, but other than that it was pretty good.

Bf had a flight on the 23rd, and was 5 hours delayed due to freezing fog in the UK before he even left, so he almost didn’t make it home in time. He finally made it home for 2am.

Then our baby decided that her cold would keep us up until 5am, with inconsolable crying and re-awoke at 7am to cry for an hour. Even Calpol failed to lift her spirits, and provide us with a temporarily happy child.

Her crying awoke the boys at 7am, who in turn; realised that Santa had been, and it was goodbye to a decent night’s sleep from then. However, Bf flipped into ’emergency reserve mode’ and it didn’t seem to matter that we were running on empty.

The hosties on Bf’s trip seem to be as classy and on top form as ever. With a skin full of alcohol imbibed, a few of them sat and started a particularly unpleasant and distasteful conversation, that left Bf feeling that he’d rather have been dining with Osama Bin Laden.

He managed to tear himself away from the festivities, and came to bed to ring me at 10pm on Christmas day! I have to say, that whilst I do not want him to have a crappy time whilst he’s away; knowing that he’d rather have a lobotomy than spend a moment longer with the Flight Attendants he’s away with, did bring a private smile to my face at 4am on Boxing day.


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