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One great reason not use your mum as an emotional pressure valve!

Just a quick one…

Today, I’ve had to tell my mum to shut up today…  I’m not normally so rude; actually she’s more like a sister to me. But she was bitching about Bf. She’s quite hacked off with him recently, and it’s probably my own fault for moaning about Bf to her when I’ve been down. I had to set her straight on a few things, even out the balance and reiterate some of the nicer things that he does for me… Like today, even though he had a long flight and a very late night ahead of him, he got up early to do baby’s breakfast routine-I didn’t even know she had woken, he was up feeding her, and I was still in bed. He did it, because he knew that tomorrow, he’d be lying on the beach, and that I’d have to do early morning routine now right up until Christmas.

She said “well he needs to prove to me that he’s a man, that he’ll make more effort to take his responsibilities seriously, and…” blah, blah, blah (loads of other random stuff that I wont bore you with).  I was quite firm in the end, and said “actually mum, he doesn’t need to prove anything to you! I’m the one he needs to prove himself to, and as for the other stuff…” blah blah blah (you get the picture).

I have decided that it really isn’t worth whinging to mum about things when I am down, because she is just too close to me to be objective, and therefore, cannot look at the wider picture. I do not want to be stuck in the middle of the two people I love most in the world, causing resentment or animosity between them, and having to defend them verbally from a bashing by the other as a result. At this rate, this blog sure will end up being my only outlet on my down days (I’ll apologise in advance!)

I got to bed tonight, the first night of another of Bf’s long-haul trips away… I had gone in there to sit on the bed without the light on to feed baby, before I put her down for the night. As I sat down, I sat on a Thorntons bag, and was mildly sad, because I guessed that it could only be in the house because Bf must’ve bought me some Thorntons chocolate as a stocking filler, and was mildly irritated that I would have one less surprise.  Just then I happened to notice a card on my pillow, and next to it, a Thorntons slab of chocolate that he’d had iced with the words ‘Thinking of You xx”…

The card was a Christmas card in which he said he knew that this Christmas would be hard for me, and that he was sorry I would be without him, that he was not looking forward to being separated either, but reassuring me that he’d be thinking of me, and that he is thinking of me now too. 

I rang my mum immediately to tell her, try to even up the balance a little more! I’ll go to bed with a smile tonight-we live really close to the airport, and late at night, I can hear the aeroplanes when they take off in this direction (like tonight). Tonight, I am finding it quite a comfort.  It’s making me feel somehow closer to him. 

He doesn’t land until about 3am, I’m going to set an alarm for 4, so I can ring him to say thanks, and verbally hug him!


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