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Go go go!

Goodness, I’ve been SO busy this past week or so! Bf got back from another Caribbean trip last week, and I don’t think I’ve even stopped for breath since his return. That very night we threw a mini surprise party for him (just the kids, his sister and I). Since the boys were unable to go, they wanted to see him celebrate, and we did a kids style birthday party with jelly, cake, sandwiches, party hats etc… It was more for them in some respects, but Bf definitely enjoyed the fuss! We even decorated the whole house for it with streamers, banners, balloons, etc.

Then the following evening we went to the theatre in Central London, my present to Bf. It was such a funny show, and it made us both laugh out loud!

Over the weekend, we visited London again, this time with baby in her buggy. We were dreading taking her on the London underground system in Christmas shopping season, but actually, it wasn’t too scary-even on the escalators! She is being so sweet at the moment, I feel blessed at how good she is. She started saying Dadda and Mama last week, which completely melted our hearts!

I weighed myself today, and am now only 2lb off my pre-pregnancy weight! Which I can only put down to all the rushing around.  Bf is in the middle of his 6 monthly emergency sim tests; so he has his head in the books. Once he’s got them out of the way, things will start to settle down a bit again.

We have pretty much finished our Christmas shopping, and will put the Christmas tree up at the end of the week before Bf heads off on his next long-haul trip to India.

We have given up completely on trying to get me out to the Caribbeana for Christmas with Bf, as the fares are just too much. So I booked my crossing to France and will spend it with my parents; which is lovely, but it just wont really be Christmas without Bf or my boys.  It’s the first Christmas EVER that I’m not actually looking forward to!

Still, we’re going to have OUR own little Christmas on Christmas Eve. The boys are opening their advent calendars one day ahead, and I’m going to cook a turkey, and do the whole Santa thing, so that it’s as authentic as possible. We’ve told the kids that Santa has a special list of all the people who’s Mummy’s and Daddy’s work on Christmas day, and that he visits them all the day before, to make sure that they can still celebrate the magic of Christmas together.

Christmas isn’t about the presents of course. There really isn’t anything I’m particularly bothered about getting. I just want to be with the people that matter to me.


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