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New Years Resolutions

December 31, 2007

This year has not been our best. I am determined that 2008 will be vastly better. Bf’s Christmas trip has forced me to re-evaluate my stress levels when Bf is away, and contemplate how these impact his behaviour towards me, in turn what this means to the dynamic of our relationship. For the record, I […]

Merry Christmas

December 27, 2007

  Well, Bf’s in the Caribbean, I’m in France. Merry Christmas! This is Christmas as an airline pilot’s wife/girlfriend. It wasn’t too bad actually. Even though it pains me to confess it. We celebrated on the 24th with the kids, and it really felt authentic. I made some amendments to the usual Christmas Eve routine, […]

Reminiscing about the roller-coaster of feelings I had about how I’d cope with the life of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend/Wife before he was qualified.

December 19, 2007

Well, Bf has just sent me a text to say that he is on his way home now. I’ll get him back at about 3pm tomorrow. WOO HOO! Another long-haul trip out of the way and behind us. I’ve been speaking to a few friends I’ve met online recently. Their boyfriends are just in the […]

One great reason not use your mum as an emotional pressure valve!

December 17, 2007

Just a quick one… Today, I’ve had to tell my mum to shut up today…  I’m not normally so rude; actually she’s more like a sister to me. But she was bitching about Bf. She’s quite hacked off with him recently, and it’s probably my own fault for moaning about Bf to her when I’ve been down. I […]

Trip Jealousy

December 14, 2007

I am REALLY struggling with Bf’s chosen occupation at the moment. I guess you could call it a weak month. I love Bf, but I loath him going away on long haul trips. I don’t know if it’s just my hormones, and the fact that I’m a bit down about the festive season (especially as […]

Frustrated with Flyblog

December 14, 2007

  Just a quickie, not a usual blog entry-more of a plea for answers from anyone who reads my blog who might be able to help me?! I have noted a few changes to this blog site recently. I can no longer seem to post comments on other people’s flyblog though, which may make this […]

One for the embarrassment payback bank

December 10, 2007

Children can be SO embarrassing… Bf is on another long-haul trip at the moment. This one isn’t really bothering me (apart from his ‘check in’ call (to let me know he landed and arrived at the hotel safely after his long flight) was 3 hours late. I was convinced that some lunatic foreign taxi driver […]


December 4, 2007

Well, Bf came home from his second day in the sim happy… Apparently the training Captain assessing them congratulated them on a superb performance; saying he’d not seen another flight deck team handle the scenario better. He told Bf that he was up to Command standard, and he was chuffed that yet another glowing report […]

Go go go!

December 3, 2007

Goodness, I’ve been SO busy this past week or so! Bf got back from another Caribbean trip last week, and I don’t think I’ve even stopped for breath since his return. That very night we threw a mini surprise party for him (just the kids, his sister and I). Since the boys were unable to go, they […]