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The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

Bf’s having a thoughtful day! :-)

Ahhhh, bless Bf. He know’s that I haven’t been myself recently, and that I’ve been feeling extra insecure and particularly wobbly at the thought of being separated from him at the moment…

He really went all out to make sure I felt the love today though… I felt I had to write a diary entry from my phone in bed, as it touched me so much!

But first a little story… When we first met, Bf was training on the other side of the world; we ‘met’ a couple of months before he returned home. They were the most intense months of my life! I found it impossible to believe that I had fallen for someone without meeting him, and the longing and waiting was SO frustrating!

When I knew he was on his way home I couldn’t think straight-I was so excited! He rang me from Singapore, where he had to catch his connecting flight.

He told me about how he and his friend were both on the same flight, and were both excited to be returning home to their girlfriends. Both wanted to buy us a silly gift to give when they returned. Bf tried to buy me a teddy bear that was wearing a pilot’s uniform, but they had sold out.

He told me this from a phone in the airport stop he made, half way home. I felt dissappointed, as it was a sweet token, and knowing how hard he was training to get qualified, it would’ve had enormous sentimental value.

I’ve tried to find one since But the only bear his airline used to sell was one in an old ‘Biggles’ style uniform…

Today, when I dropped him at the airport, he told me that I could call him any time of the day or night…

When I came to bed this evening, there in my bed, under the duvet, was a little pilot bear, clutching a card that Bf wrote for me before he left. I was touched that he did something so thoughtful for me; especially as it was completely unexpected.

Apparently he bought him on our recent trip to the Caribbean for me…

Now I just have to give my bear a name… Maybe Captain something-He’s got one more stripe than Bf, which I find mildly amusing!


One Response to “Bf’s having a thoughtful day! :-)”

  1. Oohhh, that’s so sweet! It brought tears to my eyes!

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