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Out of synch

Okay, I know I was saying earlier that I THOUGHT my hormone levels were raised, and causing mayhem with my moods, but something is DEFINITELY wacky with me right now…

Although I am generally a tidy person, I’m definitely no ‘Monica’ (or clean freak, for anyone who’s not a friends fan).

However, today, I have cleared out every cupboard, hoovered everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE… Even the airing cupboard, the insides of the window frames and under rugs!

I’ve dusted, bleached, and polished every conceivable surface, including cleaning all the skirting boards, and the tops of the kitchen units! Now whilst some people may think nothing of this, I am just not into wasting weekends this way normally, the only time I’ve ever cleaned my house so thorougly, was when I was heavily pregnant and ‘nesting’.

So, I think I’m going to get a second opinion on Monday from a female doctor about what I can do to get back to normal… Can’t have Bf thinking I’ve suddenly turned into a domestic Goddess-in case he starts expecting the house to look this way all the time! (Eeeeeek!) 😀


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