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Hormones and long haul

Confession time – I am SO difficult to live with at the moment. I can feel that I am being really irritable and short-fused, and I’m letting stupid little things get to me.

Poor Bf has been on the receiving end of the majority of my scratchy moods and strops, though the boys have also probably felt the heat slightly too. I seem to be somewhat lacking in the patience department.

I really don’t know how they’re putting up with me, and I can’t seem to stop myself having strops. I can only put it down to my hormones… I stopped breast feeding over 6 weeks ago, but I still have milk! I saw the doctor about it, and he told me that some women still have some for up to 2 or 3 years!

He told me that with baby being only 7 and a half months old and all the stress i’d been through, it was perfectly normal for my hormones to be affected and out of synch.

He told me calmly and clinically not to worry, that I should ‘simply not stimulate the breast in any way’, and this would help… Great! I wanted to give him a little lecture on sex ed, and throw a little paddy, telling him that 2 years of no ‘stimulation’ might sound fine to him, but I want my body and my normal life back! I thought this might not be appropriate though, and instead nodded with a pained expression on my face.

I don’t know why I’m worried, if I carry on this way, there’s not much danger of Bf ‘being in the mood’ any way! It’s just so frustrating, because it’s NOT ME! I feel like my even my calmer moments are spent with raised anxiety/stress levels. My usual calm and quietness is hiding from me. I am sick of feeling like a stroppy teenager that lacks basic control over her moods, and I’m sure it’s wearing thin with everyone I love too.

I bet Bf cannot wait to go away and escape for a few days… He’s flying on his next longhaul tomorrow, and won’t be home until Wednesday. I’m feeling really down about it knowing how I’ve been with him! I’m going to try my hardest not to be ‘lil miss hormones’ today so that he might actually miss me!


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