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Maternity Leave

I recently read the blog of one of my online friends, a pilot’s wife who is also on maternity leave from her job as a therapist. She wrote:

“Not working presents many more challenges than I expected.  I’ve figured out that my self confidence requires adjusting.  My husband works with a group comprised mainly of single, attractive, and young ladies (FA’s).  At work, I interact with doctors, surgeons, other therapists and patients.  When I’m working, E’s interactions don’t seem to bother me as much.  However, when I’m not working, it gets to me!”

Reading thisI completely identified with her. Prior to having baby, I had a career in recruitment that I was totally passionate about. I was on the management training program, and was very good at my job.

I still had my wobbly moments and insecure days about Bf’s job, and the women he encounters; but so did Bf about my job and the male clients and candidates that occasionally sent me flowers or endeavored to win my affection.

I was a savvy business women who prided myself on never achieving second place. I know that Bf often felt insecure about my business ‘persona’. He said I became a different person when I put on what he referred to as my ‘power suits’ (though not a Dallas shoulder pad in sight-I promise)!

Since we moved and had baby; there have been several huge changes in my lifestyle; the fact that I have become predominantly financially dependant upon Bf, I have moved away from a place where I had an established network of friends, to an area where I have had to start laying down new roots.

My figure has gone through dramatic changes, and with that, my self confidence has been on a roller-coaster ride.

I truly believe that nothing sours a relationship more than dependance. Either being depended upon, or being dependant upon another.

I cannot wait to gain back some of the financial and emotional independence that will come when I return to the world of work. But I am also somewhat terrified that I’m returning to something different. A different company, part-time work, working from home, a niché sector…

I am terrified that I’ve forgotten how to be that person. In my field of work, you need to have just a slight touch of arrogance that you can wear like a mask, but I feel like maternity leave and all the changes I’ve experienced in my life have somewhat knocked the wind out of my sails. So thank you to the friend who wrote the blog extract I’ve just given you. It made me feel sane and validated that I’m not alone in my fears.

It’s also given me faith that we’ll both be okay. We’ll both find ourselves again…


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  1. You’ve explained it all perfectly!!!!

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