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Christmas in the airline industry sucks!

I feel like pulling my hair out over this stupid Jamaica trip that Bf has to fly on Christmas day.

Christmas is SOOOO important and special to me. I know that as a pilot, Bf will sometimes have to work on or around Christmas; and I accept that. But I’ve always said that wherever he is, is where we will all spend Christmas as a family-whatever it costs.

So his airline have rostered him on the ONLY flight that I cannot possibly book onto: a cruise flight. I could get out to the Caribbean ON Christmas day with him… However his flight home on the 28th has been chartered by a cruise company. The flight simply doesn’t exist to be booked, unless you happen to have booked this cruise.

I even offered to pay for the cruise (and not actually take the cruise) but the cruise company point blank refused!

I feel completely miserable about it. I now have to make another choice as a result… My family live in France… Ferries and Eurotunnel do NOT run on Christmas day (yes, a sector of the travel industry that actually care about their staff over the festive season!)

Normally my ex and I share Christmas day with the boys… They wake up here and stay for lunch, then go to him for a few days… But I now either have to honour this, and be alone with our baby daughter (for her first Christmas)… Or, I have to choose to either leave them with my ex, and spend Christmas with my parents (meaning I’m not alone, but that I forefeit having them, or have them, but forefit having them next year when Bf will probably be around).

I would like to know if I can obtain Voodoo dolls of people in Crewing!?

I just do not know WHAT to do!


3 Responses to “Christmas in the airline industry sucks!”

  1. That’s a terrible predicament! They should ban flying on Christmas Day. Just one day out of the entire year for the sake of all the pilots/flight attendants and ground crew! I hope something works out for you so you can have a happy holiday!

  2. Hahaha voodoo dolls for crewing!! Crewing aren’t that bad, It’s rostering or rather a (useless) rostering system which goes by the name of a well know hair roller brand which pre-assignes said trips! The problem is, the system doesn’t take into account what the crew-member did at xmas in years gone by!! I’d say get that Xmas leave in now for this year to be sure or bid for trips which guarentee xmas day as a post long-haul trip day off.

    Calling somebody out on Christmas Day is the worst thing I’ve ever had to do!! Standing people down from xmas day standby’s was the best…the fear in their voices followed by relief!! Oh not to mention the mental notes I made of the ones who are uncontactable on xmas day (although I can’t blame them!)… you suddenly start to see a pattern of Level 2 flights emerge on their roster in January 🙂

    Keep your enemies close and crewing even closer!! lol

    • Lol, well you would say that Pinky! 😉

      I hate airline rosters at Christmas. I’m desperately hoping that this years one is a flukey day off! What are the chances I wonder?

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