Partner of a Pilot
The Candid Diary of an Airline Pilot’s Girlfriend

I was a hostess this weekend!

Thought that might get your attention! I was indeed a hostess, but not the variety that fly at 38,000 feet with a plastic smile… No, that’s just not me…

This weekend was the one of Bf’s party! The one I’ve spent soooooooo long planning. It was fantastic. There were the usual last minute panics: guests cancelling at the last minute; cake makers phoning to tell me that they’d need more money, the chocolate fountain company calling to cancel-leaving me with only a week to find a replacement, etc, etc, etc…

But, I managed to iron out all of the problems, and the party went better than I could have hoped.  The guests all thanked me for organising such a great night, and Bf was in his element. He had the biggest smile on his face all night.

He especially loved the aeroplane cake. I had it made as a Boeing 767 in his airline’s ‘paint scheme’ the cake maker copied it from a model that Bf has; with the cake board iced as a runway. A few of his friends who were there are pilots for the same company.  I know that at least one of their girlfriends (a flight attendant from their airline) mentioned that they thought the cake was ‘awesome’ and that he was rather jealous!

I felt rather pleased with myself at the end of the night, especially when Bf told me it was the best birthday he’d ever had! It’s his actual birthday next week, and we’re going to the West End to watch Boeing Boeing at the theatre. I cant wait.


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